Homemade Wood Polish Recipe

Make homemade wood polish recipe for your furniture and save money on cleaning products. Have you ever wondered if you could use essential oils on your wood furniture? Here’s an easy homemade wood polish recipe for creating your own Formby’s polish!  Move over Pledge – we have a DIY wood polish.


Wood Polish

2 fl oz olive oil
5 drops Lemon or Orange essential oil

In a small bottle, add the essential oils with olive oil.

To use. apply with a soft cloth and buff to shine. Olive oil replenishes the wood as a lubricant and gives it a nice sheen. The Lemon essential oil or orange essential oil will give your furniture a fresh, clean smell.

*Be sure to test in a conspicuous place before applying to your tabletops (to prevent damage to delicate surfaces).


For more natural products using essential oils for cleaning, get a copy of my book, Cleaning With Essential Oil.


Watch our YouTube video Homemade Wood Polish now.

This DIY recipe for polish only contains two ingredients: olive oil and lemon essential oil. You could substitute orange essential oil if you prefer. This recipe comes from my book, Cleaning With Essential Oil – a must-have book filled with recipes for making your own natural cleaning products like homemade wood polish.

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