Essential Oils For Bug Repellent

Essential Oils for Bug Repellent
How many times have you been out enjoying a warm summer evening only to have a squadron of mosquito’s ruin it with endless strafing runs? Hand to hand combat only gives temporary relief and barely slows them down. Maybe chemical warfare might do the trick, with the nasty smelling bug sprays. Or some biological warfare with cages full of lizards and frogs. I don’t think the ladies would appreciate that very much. There’s got to be a better way to win the Bug Wars.

With the increase of insects carrying viruses like West Nile Virus, it has become necessary to protect ourselves from bug bites. Chemicals like DEET have been added to insect repellents to ward off the pesky night rangers. But isn’t very healthy. In recent years many people have been searching for a natural remedies to fight off insects.

It has been known for centuries using cedar is an excellent way to protect valuables from bugs. Cedar wood in essential oil form can also help to ward off bugs and insects. Cedarwood essential oil was part of the Holy Anointing Oil mentioned in the Bible. It helped in keeping flies and insects out of the Temple in Jerusalem when sacrifices were being made.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are even more powerful when blended with other oils. This is called a synergy blend. Cedarwood used for an insect repellent is best blended with cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary. With this combination you have a potent weapon to beat the bugs.

Bug spray doesn’t have to be nasty; as a matter of fact it can be enjoyable.

When making your blend, it is not always necessary to use all the oils. You can mix and match and find a suitable combination that will appeal to you.

After finding the right mixture, you’ll want to mix it in a carrier oil or dilute it with distilled water. This will preserve your skin from the stronger oils. Sesame, almond and coconut oil is a good choice, however you might want to make sure it is a massage oil because they are specifically for skin usage. Sesame oil also can act as a natural sunscreen.

If David Farragut were to offer his opinion on the subject he might have put it this way, “damn the bug spray torpedoes and full speed ahead with essential oils.” He could’ve said it. There were lots of mosquitoes in Mobile Bay on August 5, 1864.

Essential Oils are a wonderful tool God has given us to keep us healthy. However, these oils should be used with care and should not be taken internally unless under a licensed medical doctor with knowledge in aromatherapy. Pregnant women should not use these oils. Please check the safety ratings for each of the oils you are considering using. Always use 100% pure oils from reputable sources.