The Act of Anointing – From Ancient Times & Today

Act of Anointing In ancient times, the practice of anointing was commonly reserved for kings and priests. Today, believers are discovering oil’s divine purpose in their life, as a kingdom of priests. 1 Peter 2:5 tells us, Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual […]

Biblical References for Essential Oils

  Biblical References for Essential Oils Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Scientific Name: Cinnamomum verum Country of Origin: France Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Safety: C (See Below for more information) Color: Golden Brown Strength of Aroma: Thin to Medium CAUTION: Non-toxic; it is capable of causing sensitivity particularly with mucous membranes. Use in proper dilution and […]

Biblical Essential Oils with Powerful Healing Properties for Every Body System

  Biblical Essential Oils have powerful healing properties for every body system. Circulatory/Cardiovascular: Cypress Essential Oil Frankincense Essential Oil Cypress supports improved circulation. Apply topically to cellulite and fluid retention. Digestive/Cleansing: Galbanum Essential Oil Hyssop Essential Oil Myrrh Essential Oil Spikenard Essential Oil Apply essential oils topically to soothe indigestion. Hyssop and Myrrh are anti-parasitic. […]

Taking Care of the Temple

CARETAKING OF THE TEMPLE: HEALING AS PART OF THE EARLY CHRISTIAN LIFE Article Published on Website The blind, the deaf, the dumb, and those obsessed were there, and Jesus spoke the Word, and they were healed. On some he laid his hands, they were healed; to others he just spoke the Word, and they […]

Anointing Oil – Scriptures on Healing

by abba anointing oil TERMINOLOGY: To be anointed¬Ě is, among other things, to be made sacred (consecrated); to be set apart and dedicated to serve God; to be imparted with enabling gifts and grace; to be divinely designated, inaugurated, or chosen for some purpose. We know this subject is important to God because the words […]