Spikenard Essential Oil Benefits – Puts Insomnia To Bed

The other night I fell asleep like I normally do and about ten minutes later the phone rang and that’s all it took to make me one of the 64 million other Americans staring at the ceiling. Frustrated with my tossing and turning, my wife suggested I go to our website and find what essential oil is good for insomnia.

I found Spikenard essential oil helps promote sleep. So I broke out the Spikenard and tapped out a couple of drops into my hand and rubbed some on the bottom of my feet and before long I was cutting some serious Zzzz’s. As I drifted off to sleep, the thought occurred to me, “How many others have this problem, but don’t know about this wonderful natural sleep aid?”

I never had a problem getting to sleep before and never gave much thought to the problem of Insomnia. I knew to avoid caffeinated drinks late in the day, so I made it a rule not to drink any after 4:00. After doing a little research on the topic, I find out that’s only part of the problem. Fear, stress and anxiety are big contributors to those not able to get a good nights sleep. With today’s economy I’m sure the number is increasing.

Insomnia is defined by the experts as: the inability to get to or stay asleep and the result of the lack of quality or quantity of sleep. Which makes for a not-so-good next day. Most sleeplessness occurs in the early part of the night. Sleeplessness which occurs later in the night or just before normal time of waking up, could be caused by depression.

According to Lexicon-Biology.com; Melatonin is a molecule manufactured by a gland of the brain that functions as a hormone. It influences the sleep-wake cycle by acting according to the day-night alternation. Children rarely have problems with insomnia because their bodies produce a sufficient amount of this hormone to keep them asleep. Now us older folk our bodies do not produce the same levels of melatonin as when we were younger. It just happens that Spikenard essential helps with that problem.

Spikenard oil, is pale yellow in color with a medium viscosity and has an earthy warm aroma. It is an aromatic herb with rhizome root which is ground into a powder and then steam distilled to extract the precious oil. The technical name for Spikenard is Nardostachys jatamansi and is of the Valerianaceae botanical family. Originally from the Himalayan Mountains of India it expanded into China and Japan . Incense traders traversed thousands of miles through the holy land, Egypt and far into the Roman Empire .

One of the main reasons for Spikenard’s popularity is its high concentration of Sesquiterpenes. Oils that are high in Sesquiterpenes work down at the sub-cellular level, which affects the membrane fluidity and allows oxygen transfer. It also can access the DNA in the cell which can erase information in the memory of the cell. This is an important step to setting the stage for reprogramming the cell’s DNA to its original intent.

So when that insomnia keeps you up let Spikenard put it to bed.