Healing Touch – Laying On of Hands for Healing

For Healing Touch – Laying On of Hands for Healing – the simple form of the laying-on of hands is clearly described in Scripture. Jesus and the early apostles and disciples prayed and touched those who requested healing. Sometimes they would even anoint with a healing oil. This prayer, touching and anointing actually became common practice among the early Christian healers. But what exactly is happening when we extend our hands in faith to heal others? In observing Christian healers, I have noted several “steps” in their healing work.

Although the steps might at first seem simplistic, there is a depth to be uncovered for the practitioner.

There are basically four steps in performing a simple form of the Laying-On of Hands:

1. Centering

2. Intention

3. Assessment

4. Treatment

It is important to prepare the person who is to receive healing. Get permission to touch, tell the person what you will be doing, and encourage feedback as you progress.

Centering and Intention are your interior preparation for doing the healing work. Take the time to breathe and remember you are connecting to God, your Source, through your heart center. It is through the heart that we access the healing power of God. Then set your intention for the highest good for this individual.

Assessment is determining what to do. There are many ways that you can decide what needs to be done. This is really all about your abilities to listen and observe with your eyes, and to feel and sense with your hands and spirit. These skills develop the more you use them.

Treatment is being open to the power of God flowing through your hands and your heart. It is your being a channel, a conduit, or facilitator for the flow of divine energy. Treatment is simply being an instrument for God’s healing grace. In the simple form of the laying on of hands we reach out in a spirit of trust, placing our hands gently either on the shoulders or the head of the one requesting healing or hold our hands slightly off the body.

Is that all it is? Actually there is much more that can be said about this simple 4 step method. Science is actually explaining what happens on a cellular level when we connect into our Divine Source and come from an intention of the heart to do good. There are chemical messengers that circulate throughout the body making changes in the body’s chemistry. From a vibrational standpoint, touching or simply being in someone’s energy field does make changes. Have we learned a few ways to facilitate healing for someone in the past thousand years or so? Yes, but in the end, it comes down to these 4 steps. Are there programs in Christian healing that teach how to do more than the simple form of the laying-on of hands?

The Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry program begins with the simple form of laying-on of hands and teaches that there is much more that a healer can do to facilitate healing for someone else. Try checking out this web site for a description of the curriculum. http://www.HTSpiritualMinistry.com

You can also learn more about the laying-on of hands in my books: Called Into Healing, Reclaiming our Judeo-Christian Legacy of Healing Touch, and Healing Oils Healing Hands, Discovering the Power of Prayer, Hands On Healing and Anointing. You can find them on my web site at http://www.ISHAhealing.com/HealingStore/tabid/348/Default.aspx

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