Lavender Bath Oil Recipe

Lavender Bath Oil Recipe
In a decorative bottle, this makes a wonderful gift.

What You Will Need:
4 ounces Almond Oil (or another favorite carrier oil)
2 Teaspoons Lavender Essential Oil
Decorative Bottle with cork or lid
Decoration (crystal beads, dried flowers, seashells, etc)

What To Do:
1. Using a funnel, fill a decorative bottle with almond oil, leaving a little space at the top, about an inch.
2. Add 2 Teaspoons of essential oil per four ounces of almond oil (or another carrier oil). Shake to mix well. Let it sit for 2 to 3 days before using.
3. Add decorative items to the container to make it appealing as a gift or match your bathroom decor.



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