Frankincense Essential Oil Uses

Frankincense Essential Oil Uses

Medicinal Properties: Expectorant, Antimicrobial, Immunity-stimulant, and Antidepressant.

Traditional Uses: Frankincense is considered the holy anointing oil of the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years.  It has been used to treat every conceivable illness known to man, which caused it to be more valued more than gold in ancient times.  Researchers today have discovered that Frankincense contains sesquiterpenes, which help to stimulate the limbic region of the brain (the center of emotions), as well as the hypothalamus, pineal and the pituitary glands.  The hypothalamus is the master gland of the human body, controlling the release of many hormones including the thyroid and growth hormone.  Frankincense is being used therapeutically in European hospitals and is being studied for its ability to improve the human growth hormone production.

Frankincense may help with allergies, asthma, depression, ulcers, snake and insect bites, bronchitis, cancer, respiratory infections, diphtheria, headaches, hemorrhaging, herpes, high blood pressure, inflammation, stress, tonsillitis, typhoid, and warts.  Because it contains sesquiterpenes, it has the ability to go beyond the blood-brain barrier and helps to elevate the mind in overcoming stress and despair, as well as support the immunity system. It also increases the activity of leukocytes in defense of the body against infection.

Application: Diffuse or apply topically.

Note: Frankincense contains monoterpenes which can reprogram cellular memory and promote permanent healing.

Other Uses:
1. To help reduce swelling and irritation of an insect bite, place a drop of Frankincense essential oil on location.
2. Dilute 50% Frankincense essential oil with 50% carrier oil and apply to blistered areas, three times daily as needed.
3. To help improve concentration, apply 1-2 drops of Frankincense to the temple areas and back of the neck.
4. Apply 2-3 drops of Frankincense at the base of nails, to strengthen weak or brittle nails.
5. Sore feet? Try massaging a blend of 50% Frankincense essential oil with 50% carrier oil on the soles of each foot at night.
6. Rub a couple drops of Frankincense on stretch marks twice a day.
7. Trouble sleeping? Apply 1-3 drops of Frankincense essential oil to the shoulders, stomach and soles of feet.
8. To help strengthen the immunity system, apply 1-3 drops of Frankincense to each foot.