Essential Oils Cancer Found to Counter Cell Growth

Essential Oils Cancer Found to Counter Cell Growth

I believe the ancient peoples were on to something when they classified balsam fir, frankincense and myrrh as oils fit for a king. These were the oils found in King Tutankhamen’s grave which was opened in 1922. These oils were considered to be of “royal nature.” So important were these oils, that they were the only ones placed in the king’s tombs for the afterlife. In the New Testament stories of the birth of the new king, Magi are seen coming from the East bringing three gifts for the Christ child: gold, frankincense and myrrh. We now know that the gold was most likely “liquid gold” which at that time was how they referred to a precious healing oil we know today as balsam.

As we look at the chemistries of these three oils we see common factors-they are all anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating. These are three important properties for an oil to be helpful against cancer cells. There has been quite a bit of research regarding l-limonene and various different cancers-skin, liver, breast, lung stomach, kidney and colon in rats and rodents. One study showed that limonene and related monoterpenes display compelling anti-cancer activity. Limonene has been shown to have efficacy in preclinical models of breast cancer. Each study showed great promise for this compound which is one of the most studied natural compounds in the fight against cancer.

L-limonene is found 13-20% in Balsam, 10-16% in frankincense, and 0-1% in myrrh. And this is just one compound in these oils and does not take into account the whole oil with the synergistic effects between the various compounds within the oils.

Where Is the “Proof” that Essential Oils Kill Cancer Cells?

Actually the research studies have been stacking up on the ability of all three of these oils to counter cancer cells. Add to this the increasing number of testimonials and anectdoctal evidence and the proof is overwhelming. For example, a recent study was conducted at the University of Oklahoma that concluded that frankincense kills bladder cancer cells without harming surrounding tissue.

Why Does the World Not Hear About these Breakthroughs in Science?

There is no money to be made in curing cancer! Essential oils come from nature and therefore cannot be patented-there simply is no money in it for pharmaceutical corporations. So when quality research is conducted it is because of private funding. So how does the public find out about these healing oils? This article is an example.

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From Linda L. Smith, Director of the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy, a national program in Christian healing.

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