Do’s and Don’ts of Essential Oils

There are certain things you should know about aromatherapy and the benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. You have to know the dos and don’ts to be able to enjoy using them.

First, it is best to read up on aromatherapy. You have to remember that there are over 90 essential oils and some of these should only be handled by an aromatherapy practitioner. One book I would recommend is “Heal With Oil” written by Rebecca Park Totilo. It is a great hands-on practical guidebook to using the bibilical essential oils and is a must-have for newbies.

When you buy essential oils, make sure you only buy these from reputable suppliers. We recommend Heal With Essential Oil website for therapeutic-grade essential oils. These should be stored properly and away from sunlight otherwise you will ruin the oils inside. Since these are also flammable, keep these away from fire hazards.

You should keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated which means that these can be harmful if not handled properly. One to three drops of essential oil in a eight-hour period is enough. You may also want to dilute essential oils with a base oil before it is used. If ever you experience an allergic reaction, you should stop using it.

If you are using an essential oil for the first time, apply some in a small area of your skin and apply a bandage over it, called a patch test. If after 24 hours there is no allergic reaction, then it is safe for you to use. Most cases, just diffusing essential oils is beneficial and it is not necessary to apply to the skin.

When applying, make sure to keep this away from your eyes because it can cause eye irritation or even damage. If you happen to get this on your eyes by accident, wash it immediately using vegetable oil or milk and then get medical attention.

Since these come in small bottles, use only a few drops each time because this is the proper way of using it safely and wisely.

Most doctors will tell you blatantly not to use essential oils when you are pregnant or when you are nursing. To be sure, ask your doctor because some are safe to use during this period.

In the case of a medical condition such as asthma, epilepsy or high blood pressure you will want to check the safety of the essential oil you are thinking of using. You will not want make matters worse.

Do not confuse essential oils with perfume or fragrant oils because these are two different things. While perfume oils smell just as good or sometimes better, remember that it does not have any therapeutic benefits. Fragrant oils are usually offered for sale in large department stores such as Walmart or Target.

Children should only use aromatherapy under adult supervision because some of the oils are safe to use while others are too strong.

Mixing essential oils or blending more than one essential oil is fine. To do so, it is not necessary to mix two oils in one bottle and shake to mix. The proper way is to apply the oils on your hand then rolling this on your palms. You should however check safety ratings of each oil before doing so, to make sure safe for the skin, etc. You can conduct some experiments or read up on it and by asking an aromatherapy practitioner.

For more tips on how to use essential oils, I recommend the book mentioned above. If you have questions, ask your doctor about it so you can be guided accordingly.

Aromatherapy has been around for centuries and people still use it because of its many benefits. By reading up on it or even taking a few classes, you can come out with your own concoctions to relive pain, stress or the common cold which are just some of the things that these essentials oils can for you.

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