Creating a Sacred Space

Our sense of smell according to the experts is our most faithful sense in terms of memory. Think back to your childhood and remember those scents that were comforting to you as a child. Perhaps it was bread baking or cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven or the smell of coffee or your mother or grandmother’s perfume. For those who grew up in formal churches where incense was used, it might be the fragrance of frankincense and myrrh as the priest or minister incensed the altar and the people. Now take a moment and close your eyes and slow your breathing. Go back to those memories-what made them so special for you? As you reflect, try to get in touch with the emotions that surround that remembered fragrance. More than likely, you will be getting in touch with that softer side of yourself-your spiritual self. As we connect with our spiritual self we are aware of our connection with God/Maker/Universal Energy-whatever you call that which is greater than you. The remembered scent or fragrance has brought you into contact with Spirit and that is a sacred moment.

We know from the Old and New Testaments that essential oils and incense were used quite liberally for honoring God, anointing the people to make them “holy unto God” and for healing the body. Healing plants like cinnamon and cassia were used as aphrodisiacs and also for cooking and preserving food. Frankincense was used for healing everything from warts to brain damage and it was used to protect against plagues and to honor God. Myrrh was the midwives oil used to protect against infection, also to protect the skin from the harsh sun. Other fragrant oils included sandalwood (the ancient world called this oil aloes), balsam, hyssop, galbanum, calamus, onycha, pine, cypress, coriander, clove, cedarwood, Rose of Sharon (cistus), and spikenard.

7 Tips on How to Re-Create a Sacred Space

1. Get in touch with your earlier memories that are still with you-what scents help you get in touch with your spiritual self? Begin there.

2. Then, purchase quality essential oils (not from stores-that is only perfume grade). You want therapeutic grade oils.

3. Purchase a quality diffuser.

4. Don’t try blending oils unless you know what you are doing. Just use single oils.

5. Place about 15 drops of your chosen oil in your diffuser and put it on a timer.

6. Take a few quiet moments for quiet meditation, turn on your diffuser and let this be a sacred moment.

7. Know your oils, you can anoint your body with frankincense, myrrh and many of the oils named above. Just be careful to always dilute cinnamon and cassia if you choose these oils.

Want to know more about using essential oils to balance mind, body and spirit and create sacred moments for healing?

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