Cedarwood Essential Oil Properties and Uses

Cedarwood Essential Oil Properties

plant origin: Morocco

medicinal properties: Mildly antiseptic and may be effective against hair loss, tuberculosis, bronchitis, gonorrhea, and skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis. It can reduce hardening of artery walls. Cedarwood is high in sesquiterpenes.

traditional uses: Cedarwood has been used for thousands of years in medicines and cosmetics. The Egyptians used it for embalming the dead. In Tibet, Cedarwood has been used for medicine and incense. Cedarwood is em

other uses: Cedarwood may be useful for anxiety, arthritis, congestion, coughs, cystitis, dandruff, psoriasis, sinusitis, fluid retention

note: It also may help stimulate the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, an antioxidant hormone associated with deep sleep.

uses for cedarwood essential oil

1. Blend Cedarwood oil with olive oil and apply to skin as an effective insect repellent.

2. To inhibit hair loss, rub 1-3 drops of Cedarwood oil into scalp.

3. Put a drop of Cedarwood oil to a cotton ball and place in drawers to repel insects and keep clothes fresh.

4. To enhance your immune system and boost the natural body’s defenses, apply a drop or two of Cedarwood oil to the soles of the feet.

5. To help relieve symptoms of bronchitis, rub a drop or two of Cedarwood oil on the chest.

6. Place a drop of Cedarwood oil on cuts or wounds to disinfect and protect from infection. This will also promote healing.

7. To help improve symptoms of sinusitis, apply a small amount over the sinus area.

8. Apply a drop of Cedarwood oil to the back of the neck or near the temples to enhance deep sleep.