A Comparison of Aromatherapy Schools

Aromatherapy Schools - Aroma Hut InstituteI once had the wisest of professors, Dr. Carol Bishop who advised me when trying to choose a major. Her advice was “Do what you love and success will follow.” That is how I got into essential oils. I had a small organic farm in Virginia and made herb vinegars and tinctures, and teas for medicine. My grandmother grew ginseng and other herbs and introduced me to the wonder of essential oils. I fell in love with a blend she made for me with Ylang Ylang, Rose, and Cedarwood. It smelled like a comforting bedroom in a lovely old southern mansion, with flowing white curtains and quilted bedspreads. It smelled like her house, and all my memories there. And I still get to revisit them every time I smell this essential oil blend.

It was this experience with “Grandma’s House Oil,” as I call it,  that made me realize one of the most amazing powers of essential oils – to trigger reminisces and evoke powerful memories – the ones at our center, that hover in our consciousness just waiting to be called forth.

When grandma suggested I use sage and thyme from the garden to make a tea for strep throat and it healed me immediately, I was hooked. That’s why I started Aroma Hut Institute. Since I finally found a career that made me really happy. Happy like I hadn’t been my entire life until now — I wanted to share this new life of wonder with others.  I felt it was my duty, even.


Now, Aromatherapy is the Career to Have

We live in a world now where medical technology is moving as fast as all technology. We’re growing ears on mice. They’ve cured liver disease. And they’ve discovered that essential oils often work where antibiotics won’t cure major bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. In fact, they are finding out, in all kinds of areas of medicine, that the old ways really are the best way. After all, Hippocrates was advocating the use of essential oils for wounds in 400 B.C. and it’s taken this long for scientists to recognize that, well,  yes, he was right.

They have even discovered that one essential oil repels one of the ZIKA mosquitoes with 100% effectiveness. The world is set to explode in essential oil education, production, and consumption, with both businesses and consumers wanting to purchase these vital elixirs.

Consequently, we are going to need lots and lots of certified aromatherapists, nurses who also serve as aromatherapists, and masseuses who can use essential oils in their work as well. And they are going to stay quite busy with their clients. And the clients will pay well for your knowledge.

If you would like to have the gift of helping people discover a whole new level of wellness, inner peace, and health, aromatherapy may be the career for you.


So, How do You Become a Certified Aromatherapist?

Before you commit to a big 200+ hour course to become certified, you can always try an entry- level one “foundations” course of about 100 credit hours which is not only affordable but also serves as the first level of courses toward a level 2 certification to be a an aromatherapist. Then, you would get what is called a “Level One Certificate as an Aroma Therapist.” This is a good option for those who want to test the waters a bit before committing to a large tuition and longer program. Eventually, to become a Certified Aroma Therapist (CA), you must acquire 200 hours or more of aromatherapy education.

These classes can be online or on campus.


Licensing Requirements

No true, authentic, national certification or licensing requirement is established for aromatherapy. However, essential oils are starting to be recognized by surgeons and medical doctors from all health arenas, and it soon will be. Believe it.

Until then, we have something that works just as well. Aromatherapists have created their own means of recognizing strong education by the standards that the NAHA has established for educational requirement for certification, which is the Natural Therapies Certification Board. Plus, you can also join the non-profit National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. The NAHA can give you their certification—and NAHA is highly respected as an association to join as well. Both carry all the clout you need to get a real job as an aromatherapist. For more on this see www.naha.org.


How to Select a Quality Aromatherapy School

Most good aromatherapy schools offer a blend of both online, self-paced instruction and in-person instruction, so you can actually gain some hands on experience in the presence of a true professional, who can answer your questions and instruct you by example. And any good aromatherapy school has to be NAHA certified. I have compiled a list below of all the aromatherapy schools offering NAHA approved certification in the United States.

Essential oils and fancy textbooks with essential oil charts can be expensive, so look for hidden costs that will really add up once you add them to tuition. Some schools charge anywhere from $600 – $2,000 just for supplies and books. Then there are always deposits and fees.

You also want to check that your instructor is also certified in Teaching Aromatherapy or AT Coaching as well as holding a professional Certification in Aromatherapy.


The NAHA and Choosing Your School

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy has a list of top schools which meet their high standards for truly educating an individual to meet the needs of aromatherapy clients today.

What is good about their list is that any school that gains their seal of approval has to prove their courses meet their high level of standards.

What I’ve done below is to visit each aromatherapy school in the U.S. that meets the NAHA standards. I examined their costs for tuition, deposits, and other hidden costs like supplies, textbooks, and digital materials. I also examined how many hours each type of degree requires, and whether it is online or on campus. And, I also give you the price range for level one (certificate) and level two (certified) aromatherapists courses.


Aromatherapy School 

Online? On campus?



Degrees or Certificates Offered

Price per credit hour

Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy

Visit Online

Director: Shanti Dechen


EOs = no

Online materials, yes


Certificate, Diploma, BA and MA


Undergraduate: $325 per credit


Graduate: $475

per credit

plus oils



Aroma Hut Institute,

Pinellas Park, Florida


Visit Online

Director: Rebecca Park Totilo

Online and In-Person Live Classes


All supplies provided including textbooks

EOs and Supplies (optional)


Level one and two


Level 1= Certified AT

100 hrs. Level 2 = Clinical AT 200 hrs. (total levels 1 & 2)



$595 for all courses for level one certification


$1695 both courses levels one and two

Aroma Hut Institute

Ashville, NC


Visit Online

Director: Michele Botwright


Or in person


All supplies provided, including oils Level one and two


Level 1= Certified AT

100 hrs. Level 2 = Clinical AT 200 hrs. (total levels 1 & 2)


$800 -$1695 for level one or two certification

Aroma Hut Institute

Orlando, Fla.

Visit Online


Judah Totilo

Online All supplies provided, including oils Level one and two


Level 1= Certified AT

100 hrs. Level 2 = Clinical AT 200 hrs. (total levels 1 & 2)




Aromatherapy School

Online? On campus? Supplies


Degrees Offered Price per credit


Aroma Studio, LLC

Warwick, NY

Visit Online

Director: Katherine Graf


Home Study

Live Training in certain areas




No – you buy textbooks and oil prices given over phone




Certificate (50 hrs)

Advanced ((100 hrs)

MA (100 hrs)

Trainer level (50 hrs)

For Seniors

In Therap. Setting (5 hrs)


$360 (Certificate)

$360 (Advanced)

$360 (MA)

$360 (Trainer)

$50 (For Seniors Session)

and + supplies

Aroma Educators

Ithaca, NY

Director: Cha Roberts

Visit Online


On Campus

In Ithaca

On wknds.

Or 3 Five Day a week rounds of sessions





Total ACP program includes introductory certification and advanced cert. (ACP)

235 hrs.


$350 deposit

$2,100 + supplies

Aromahead Inst.

St. Petersburg, FL

Director: Andrea Butje

Visit Online


Online No

Beg. Kit EOs


Adv. Kit



235- hour Advanced Certification Program


or 400 hr.  Scholar’s AT Certification



From approximately $1995 to $3,438 + supplies
Aromatic Wisdom Institute,

School of Creative Aromatherapy

Selinsgrove, PA

Director: Liz Fulcher

Visit online

**On campus hands on program only! Yes Certification program

235 hours



payment plans available

Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

Tampa, FL 33618

Director: Sylla Sheppard-Hanger

Visit Online

Home study Or mixed home AND on campus

training with service in community

Yes 425 hours for AT practitioner certification $2450
Essential Care Aromatics School of Essential Oil Studies

Wilmington, Delaware 19810

Director: Shelia Murray

Visit Online



On campus in Delaware




Manual, yes, but no oils


235 for Certified AT degree


$2,000 + $350 deposit + supplies


Essential Education International, Inc.

Gainesville, FL

Director: Christina Polnyj

Visit Online

On Campus in Gainsville, FLA  

Manual included, nothing else


235 for AT Certification



$2,500 including deposit + supplies


Grass Valley , CA

Director: David Crow, L.Ac.

Visit Online

Self-study in e-book program—you’ll have to get certified on your own  



N/A contact David Crow for more info


$1450 for advanced self study course

Heaven and Earth Aromatherapy Institute

New Port Richey, FL

Director: Pamela Dore

Visit Online

In person or distant learning Some—but can use their oils in class only Level 1 and 2 AT certification

235 hrs

Institute of Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy

Poway, CA

Director: Anna Doxie

Visit Online

Live Streaming or on campus No 240 credit hrs. for full AT certification $2095 Total, $800 Down


School and

Web addy

Online? On campus? Supplies


Degrees Offered Price per credit


Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy – Houston, TX

The Woodlands, TX

Director: Valerie Cooksley

Visit Online


Independent Study






AT certificate program

310 credit hours




Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy – Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO


Director: Laraine Pounds

Visit online


Independent Study




AT certificate program

310 hrs.




Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy, Inc.

Knoxville, TN

Director: Margaret Leslie

Visit Online

Classes held

On campus

throughout US and do online work as well.




300 credit hours for AT certification



JennScents® Institute of Aromatherapy

Clermont, FL

Director: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone

Visit Online




No oils provided


Level I (30-hours) and Level II (218-hours)

For Certified Holistic AT degree

Or both for 248 hrs



Natural Options Aromatherapy

Bellville, OH

Director: George Cox

Visit Online





School and

Web addy

Online? On campus? Supplies


Degrees Offered Price per credit


New York Institute of Aromatherapy

New York, NY

Director: Amy Galper

Visit Online

On campus at various hotels in the US in long seminars: 8am to 9 pm



Use their EOs on site no books provided


30 hour level one certification

200 hr. level two for Certified AT


Each class meeting is 900$ call/email for more details.

Phone: (419) 886-3736

Email: natoptaroma@aol.com


Ohana Healing Institute

Kailua, HI

Director: Tomoko Matsukawa

Visit Online

20 Lessons given for each level (1& 2)privately in Hawaii





Prof. AT



 Level 1: $1,800

Level 2: $1,800

RAM’s School Of Essential Oils Studies

Vestal, NY 13850

Director: Iveta Dervay

Visit Online

Taught in 3, five day sess. For 15 days in Binghamton,


EOs in class only  

Prof AT



Total cost $2,000

Sedona Aromatherapie

Sedona, AZ 86336

Director: Sharon Falsetto

Visit Online





250 hours for exclusive combined level 1 and 2 course

for Prof AT  Cert.



Stillpoint Studies – School of Essential Oils and Energetics

Sedona, AZ

Director: Cynthia Brownley, MS and Joy Musacchio,

Visit Online

On campus for 15 days in Sedona broken into 3, five day sessions  



250 hrs. for AT Certification


$2,500 +$400 deposit (non-refundable)


School and

Web addy

Online? On campus? Supplies


Degrees Offered Price per credit


The School for Aromatic Studies

Chapel Hill, NC

Director: Jade Shutes

Visit Online


Completely online




Or Foundations Certificate = 50 hrs

Scholar’s program for 350 hours credit and receive your CCA, CHAP, or CAP



Foundations $500

CCA prog. $1,800