Spiritual Healing – 7 Modern Ways to Anointing For Healing

Spiritual Healing – 7 Modern Ways to Anointing For Healing

Are you looking for spiritual health? Here is a unique way that many have found helpful: anointing yourself with essential oils on a daily basis. Using essential oils will help to open you to the possibility of receiving God’s favor-God’s healing grace in your life. This kind of anointing is more than just putting oils into your bath water and allowing the aroma to release your negativity and open you to unconditional love. It is more than diffusing an essential oil into the room to create a sacred healing environment. And it is more than burning incense to lift up your spirit to the high places. Sacred fragrances are an honoring of the gift of God present in your daily life. God has blessed the earth with all kinds of plants for your use. When you take the very essence of the plants, the essential oils, and breathe them, rub them on your body or take them within, you are accepting the gift of blessing from God. It is through this kind of anointing that  is a reminder that God has placed a mark upon your heart.

Today those on a spiritual path recognize the healing properties of oil and create their own spiritual rituals for themselves and their families, anointing their bodies with these healing substances.

Some Modern Ways of Anointing

  1. Anoint your head, over the brow or throat or heart as you call upon God to bless yourself or someone else with health and well-being. Some wonderful fragrances include balsam, neroli, or frankincense.
  2. Anoint and clear your prayer closet or meditation space and your healing space with oils. Any of the tree oils are good for this but especially balsam, sandalwood, and frankincense.
  3. For massage therapists, incorporate the use of essential oils in massaging the body. Relaxing oils would be helpful like lavender or Roman Chamomile.
  4. Anoint the linens, table and room before a healing session begins. One word of caution–make sure you are not using an oil that stains.
  5. Anoint the client’s body, blessing and respecting the sacredness of the person. I particularly like to use blends for anointing here.
  6. Diffuse a healing oil to cleanse the room. Use light fragrances like lemon, orange, grapefruit, or bergamot.
  7. Anoint bath water. Are you in need of relaxation ro energy? Lavender, Roman Chamomile, or neroli might be just what you need. If its energizing that you need, go for pine, rosemary, or juniper.


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